• Your local IT Tool Box


    Fully managed, flat-rate, IT services with around the clock support and monitoring.

  • Your local IT Tool Box


    Backup solutions is something most organizations ignore until they suddenly need it, at which point it is often too late. Our team can help design a backup and recovery system, which is isolated and protected from threats such as ransomware.

  • Your local IT Tool Box


    Our creative and experienced consultants will work with you to assess your current website and will assist in developing a new and improved website, strengthening and expanding your online presence.

  • Your local IT Tool Box


    Our application developers create highly responsive data-driven applications. We will guide each client through the design process, to create a quality bug-free web application built for continual use.

About Kam I.T.

Kam I.T. is an MSP (Managed Services Provider) that was created with the intention of not repeating the mistakes of large IT firms that have a difficult time adapting to the unique needs of its clients. While Kam I.T. will grow, we will never expect our clients to conform to a rigid set of standards. Kam I.T. will maintain flexibility and adapt with our clients, growing together.

Managed Services Provider

We will reduce the need for IT support, while increasing the accessibility of that support when it is needed.


Creative and experienced consultants will work with you to develop a strong plan for the future.


Attackers are always knocking at the door. Sometimes, a more creative solution is needed to protect your business, and this is where we can help.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Kam I.T. is very proud of our cloud-based backup solution and always recommends periodic backup recovery testing.

Office Systems

We work with: Email, Remote Assistance, Mobile Users, File Servers, Google Suite, Office 365, VPNs, Active Directory, Open-Source Solutions, Linux Servers and more.

Tech Support

We have worked long and hard to build an affordable IT solution that removes the financial worry when calling technical support.

VoIP Hosted Business Phone Service

Our services are flexible and full of features to help you get a modern and affordable phone service that solves all your business needs.

RMM Service

With Remote Monitoring and Managing Services, Kam I.T. will monitor for any viruses, hardware failures and excessive memory and CPU usage. As time is of the essence, we will resolve any issues as quickly as possible!

Voice Over IP Custom Phone Solutions

Kam I.T. provides the power and features of your own PBX phone system, without the capital costs and support issues. Leveraging the power of VoIP, we extend in-office functions to home offices, multi-office locations and semi-permanent offices.

Access your service from anywhere, using a reliable Internet connection. No more waiting for phone installations, service transfers, etc. Your number moves with you, anywhere you decide to go. Simply move your phone equipment and connect to the Internet / LAN in your new location and you are up and running. Hosted Message Center can ensure callers always have a place to leave you a message – even during a move!

Supporting off-premise extensions, this service provides a simple way to integrate geographically diverse locations and individuals into a single phone system.

Comparing these services to traditional land-lines is NOT easy – POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems) cannot provide the flexibility and functions  available when compared to our hosted VoIP phone solutions:


Ready To Work With Us?

We have team members available for an onsite visit anywhere in the TNRD. We can also connect via Microsoft Teams for a video / audio chat. Alternatively, we are always available for a phone call.

Our Products

Kam I.T. is a leading IT consulting firm that specializes in Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions, IT Strategy and Managed Cybersecurity. Rest easy knowing that Kam I.T. has designed a scalable and secure IT solution that will prevent downtime and facilitate prompt service.

Cloud Based Backups

Kam I.T. has a fully customizable cloud backup solution that keeps you safe from data loss now and into the future.

Managed Services Provider

Remote support available for all staff, regardless of location such as in office or home based employees.

Remote Management

Our Powerful RMM services allows us to monitor for viruses, hardware failures and provide remote support.

KAM IT Solutions (3)
Static Billing
Hourly Billing

Kam I.T. offers predictable billing where you pay one flat rate for IT services, regardless of whether you use 1 hours of support in a month or 12 hours. This means your employees do not need to be hesitant to call for assistance.

Network Infrastructure Support

Every network is unique and not always designed with growth in mind. Kam I.T. employees have experience in networks of all sizes. We are often brought in because of problems that have developed slowly over time. Our job is to perform an assessment of your existing infrastructure and build an efficient remediation plan to help ensure a performant and stable network.

24/7 Customer Support
Dedicated Staff Support